Ordering Tickets

When is the University Box Office open?

Regular business hours: 11:00am - 6:00pm, Tuesday - Friday

We are located on Duke's West Campus on the upper level of the Bryan University Center. Directions to our main office.
For performances, we open the venue box office at least one hour prior to show time at the performance venue.

The event I am attending is free, do I still need to order tickets?

Some of our free events require tickets, and some do not. Check the event page on tickets.duke.edu to see if there will be tickets distributed prior to the event or not.

How do I order tickets?

ONLINE: Order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at your convenience. Credit card payments only.
PHONE: By phone, at 919-684-4444, Tuesday - Friday 11am - 6pm. Credit card payments only.
IN PERSON: At the University Box Office, Tuesday - Friday 11am - 6pm. We are located on West Campus in the Bryan University Center on the Upper Level. We accept cash, check, credit cards and Duke Card FLEX payments.
MAIL: Please use the order form included in your brochure and mail to: University Box Office, Box 90940, Durham, North Carolina 27708. Credit card or personal check payments only. Checks payable to: University Box Office. Please allow 10 days for postal delivery to reach our office.
AT A PERFORMANCE: At the performance venue one hour before curtain time for ticket sales and will call pick-up for that event only.

Please note: All tickets purchased within 5 days of the performance date will be held in Will Call. All tickets with a student or employee discount will be held in Will Call. We do not accept ticket orders or reservations via email. A service charge of $1.50 per ticket for single tickets and $5 per bundle for bundled events applies on all transactions made via online, phone, and mail.

How do I know where I will be seated?

For reserved seating events, you will see a live interactive seating chart where you can pick your own seats online. Each venue page also has seating maps for venues with reserved seating. For general admission events, you will simply select the number of tickets you wish to purchase using the correct ticket category.

How do I order accessible seats?

There is additional information regarding Accessibility at our venues on our Accessibility page.

Accessible seating may be purchased via any of the above methods - online/phone/window/mail. Accessible seating is based on availability at time of purchase and is subject to the same limits or rules of a performance. You may purchase up to 4 seats in the Accessible section.

In accordance with ADA policy, by selecting these seats you acknowledge that you have accessibility needs or are accompanying one who has accessibility needs. If you purchase these tickets in error, please contact the Box Office at 919-684-4444 for an exchange. A ticket holder may be denied entry to, or removed from, the accessible seating area if he or she is not disabled or the legitimate companion. If this occurs, the venue shall have no obligation to provide alternate seating. If the Box Office believes, in its sole discretion, that your order violates or may violate this policy, the Duke University Box Office may cancel your order without notice.

RESERVED SEATING: Accessible and companion seating online for reserved seated shows is marked by a purple dot on the seat. Companion seating is located within the same row or immediately adjacent to the accessible seats. For Page Auditorium, all removable accessible seating is located in Row A on the right and left sections only. For Reynolds Industries Theater, removable accessible seating is located in row V only.  

GENERAL ADMISSION (OPEN SEATING): Please select the correct number of tickets for your party. If you purchase online, you may send a request for accommodation or removal of a seat, to tickets@duke.edu or call 919-684-4444 and ask to speak with a supervisor for assistance.

To better serve your needs, please contact the Box Office in advance of your arrival.

Information about general campus accessibility is available by visiting Duke Disability Management at http://www.access.duke.edu.

How do I select my own seats?

Reserved seating events will produce a live, constantly updating seating chart when you click on 'Buy.'
For events in Page Auditorium, you must first choose between the Balcony and Orchestra levels (simply click on the section) before the seating availability can display.

Can I reserve tickets without paying for them?

No. We cannot reserve or hold tickets without payment for any length of time. You may purchase tickets using any of the methods described above. If you have questions, please call the University Box Office.

How do I know which discounts are offered for different events?

Most discounts for each event will be posted on the event page on tickets.duke.edu. If you do not see a discount listed that you expect should be there, please contact us at tickets@duke.edu, or by calling 919-684-4444 for more information.

How do I use the promotional code I received to get a discount?

While you are selecting your seats, there is a Promotional Code box which is where you should type in the code you have received. This will activate the discount for the relevant performance and allow you to buy your tickets online at that discounted price.

I’m interested in getting a special discount for a group of people. How do I arrange that?

Many of our events have a group discount available for purchases of 10 to 15 and larger group orders. For online purchases, a promo code is often provided on the show information page. Orders over the phone or in person should be distinguished as a group order by the patron to ensure the discount is applied by our ticket staff. Please contact the Box Office for further information on which performances contain group discount offers.

I’m not sure if I qualify to receive the Duke Student discount. How do I find out?

If you are a student that is paying student activities fees, and have a Duke Student ID Card, you qualify for the student discount. You are welcome to contact the Box Office with further questions about your eligibility for the discount.

In the past I’ve ordered parking vouchers, but I don’t see a link to buy them on the main page. How do I order those?

We are no longer selling discounted parking vouchers. The parking voucher program has been discontinued in order to give our patrons a more consistent parking experience.

What services charges will apply to my order?

For single ticket orders placed over the phone or online there will be a $1.50 per ticket service fee. For subscriptions purchased over the phone or online there will a $5.00 per subscription service fee.

What taxes will apply to my order?

Per NC House Bill 998, sales tax must be collected on all tickets sold for entertainment in North Carolina beginning January 1, 2014. There is no exemption in the law for non-profit organizations.

- For Durham County, the sales tax rate is 7.5%.
- The sales tax for all tickets issued through the Duke University Box Office will be INCLUDED in the ticket price.

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