Engineering While Black

Engineering While Black
A series of Important Conversations

Monday 8/24: NSBE in support of Spirithouse Follow @dukensbe for information about Spirithouse and how to get involved

Tuesday 8/25: ESG in support of Techies4Tomorrow 5:00 pm EST: Discussion with representatives from Durham Colored Library's Techies4Tomorrow about the organization and future volunteering opportunities Zoom link:

Wednesday 8/26: SHPE in support of Durham4All Follow @dukeshpe for information about Durham4All and how to get involved

Thursday 8/27: SWE 8:00 pm EST: Conversation with Ashley Vassel on her experiences as a woman of color in engineering Zoom link:

Friday 8/28: Conversations on identity and inequities in STEM with Pratt faculty and alumni 2:00 pm EST: Faculty panel featuring Dr. Sophia Santillan, Dr. Shani B. Daily, Dr. Adrienne Stiff-Roberts, and Dr. Nicki Washington Zoom link:
4:00 pm EST: Professional panel featuring Stephanie Gloster, Damian Dolland, and Dr. Clifton Ray Zoom link: