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Confirming Your Order

Will I get an e-mail confirming my purchase?

Purchases made online from the Duke University Box Office will automatically receive an invoice to their email when an order has been completed. For orders done over the phone or in person, an electronic invoice can be requested.

I completed my event selection and checkout but was returned to the main screen without getting any confirmation. What happened?

If you were returned to the main screen without getting any confirmation, then most likely your order did not go through. Clicking on the Account link should show you a list of all your purchases. If you want further confirmation, please contact the Box Office during our normal business hours and speak to a representative in order to verify if your order was completed or not.

I successfully completed a ticket purchase but haven’t received a confirmation e-mail. Why not?

It may be that the email we have on file for your contact email is not the one that you are checking for the confirmation. It is also possible that you have not completed your order and therefore did not receive the confirmation. Check with the Duke Box Office during our regular business hours to verify the status of your order.

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