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Ordering Packages & Series

What is the benefit to buying a package or a series rather than buying each event separately?

Buying a package or a series will provide you with a discount greater than you would receive when purchasing your tickets separately. Another benefit is that a package or series can allow you to purchase the same seats across all your performances.

I tried to order a Pick 4+ package online, but it won’t let me choose my own seats. What should I do?

When purchasing a Pick 4+ package online, the ticket system chooses the best available seats according to what seats are open. The system will place you in the same seats across all your performances if they are open. If you are unhappy with the seats that are picked out for you, please do not complete your purchase online, but instead call in to the Box Office during our normal business hours and speak to a representative who will help you pick specific seats for each performance.

The event I want tickets for does not appear on the Pick 4+ options list. Why not?

The Pick 4+ package is only applicable for most performances presented by Duke Performances, not including the Music in the Gardens series. There are also a few events that Duke Performances co-presents with other organizations, such as Carolina Theater; these events are not available through our website with the Pick 4 pricing. However, after purchasing a Pick 4 package with us, you will receive an email with a special discount code for those events within one business day.  A performance by another organization is not eligible for this discount.

I bought a package, but now I need tickets to an additional show. Can I still get the Pick 4+ discount?

You can still get discounted tickets for additional performances if you’ve already qualified for the Pick 4+ discount. You will have to call or visit the Box Office in order to have a Box Office staff member apply the discount to your new order. Additional tickets to performances you've already included in your package will not be discounted and will be sold at full price.

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