Sheafer Lab Theater

Sheafer Lab Theater is located inside of the Bryan University Student Center. As you walk from the Bryan Center parking lot, the Bryan Center on is the building to your right. Sheafer Lab Theater is on the middle level (Floor 2) of the Bryan Center adjacent to Griffith Film Theater. Sheafer Lab Theater is a "black box" laboratory theater approximately 45' square. Seats are placed on risers along the walls. Placement of the risers determines the number of seats in the theater with a maximum of 130.


Maximum 130 seats, flexible seating system.
Endstage, thrust, and arena configurations are possible.


Theater venues are scheduled by the Duke Venue and Production Management Team. Scheduling priority is given to University departments, programming, and student organizations. The process for Duke organizations begins one year in advance in October. Theaters are scheduled following a policy sensitive to the unique needs the spaces offers to major users in arts focused productions.

Non-Duke organizations may request dates in April for Fall dates, and in October for spring dates.


Requests for dates can be requested via email or by phone.
Phone: 919-660-1701


All ticketing is handled exclusively by the Duke University Box Office.
Phone: 919-684-4444


Please email to request a Sheafer Lab Theater rider and technical documents.


This facility requires a minimum of one Duke production technician to be onsite at all times for most events. For events with an audience present additional Audience Services staff will be provided.

The minimum number of event and production staff is dependent upon the scope of each event and is determined by the venue management.

Production staff is charged at an hourly rate of $33.50, subject to overtime.
Audience Services staff for Page Auditorium is $175 per event and includes house management, ushers, and box office staff as appropriate.

Please note, events lasting more than four hours are subject to additional fees. Event security or additional event staff is required for your event, it is charged at market rate from our vendors. All staffing must be approved by and is at the discretion of venue management.


Events sponsored by Duke Departments or officially-recognized Duke Student Organizations incur charges based on time and materials utilized to facilitate the event. Typical charges include Production staff labor, equipment, and Ticketing and Audience services Fees (if applicable). Duke entities do not incur charges for use of the venue.

External organizations incur charges based on time and materials utilized to facilitate the event, plus a Venue Use Fee. Typical charges include Production staff labor, equipment, and Ticketing and Audience services Fees (if applicable). A daily rental charge for the venue is also charged to non-Duke organizations. The Page Auditorium is charged at a daily rate of $300 for rehearsal dates and $500 for performance dates. Non-Duke organizations are required to provide proof of insurance, as well as a deposit of up to 75% of the Event Estimate to secure the space.

Itemized estimates of costs can be provided. Cancellation fees may also apply.


Dressing rooms are located off-stage right on the first and third floors. Dressing Rooms are fully accessible and can be reached from stage level via stairs or elevator. Dressing rooms include three chorus rooms and four smaller dressing rooms, all with showers, restroom facilities, and wardrobe racks. In addition, there is a makeup ready room (with no shower) on the third floor.

Dressing rooms are shared with Reynolds Theater and will be assigned by venue management staff based on event needs.


Parking is available in the Bryan Center Parking Garage IV (PG4) and in the upper level ground metered lot, at an hourly rate of $2/hour.

Parking arrangements for your event can be made with consultation with Duke Parking and Transportation Services. It is advisable to discuss parking for both your ensemble or performers in addition to your audience. Event parking may be arranged in advance for a flat fee with at least three weeks notice to Duke Parking and Transportation Services.


Many areas of Sheafer Lab Theater are accessible, including the dressing rooms, backstage areas, the lobby, and the restrooms.

Please contact us for assistance in making arrangements for your accessibility needs or concerns.