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RJ Reynolds Industries Theater

Reynolds Industries Theater is a midsized proscenium house with a dramatic stadium slope.

Reynolds Theater is located inside of the Bryan University Student Center. As you walk into the Bryan Center parking lot, the Bryan Center on is the building to your right. Reynolds Theater is directly behind the Duke University Box Office in this building.


Capacity  609 seats

An additional 34 seats available in the orchestra pit area can be added depending on event needs, bringing the total to 643 seats.

Facility Fees 
No facility fee for recognized Duke student groups

No facility fee for Duke affiliated groups

$300 per day, Non-Profit groups

$500 per day, For-Profit groups

Technical Support  This facility requires a minimum of two Duke technicians to be onsite at all times. For events with an audience, additional support staff is required. Most events typically need three to five staff members.

The number of techncial staff is dependent on the complexity of each event and wll be determined by Ticketing and Theatre Operations staff.

Staffing is charged at an hourly rate, subject to an overtime rate.

Equipment The stage floor is a masonite floor, with removable trap sections. 

A sprung wooden dance floor and marley are available, additional charges apply. 

The orchestra pit is a hydraulic lift. The pit can be at the stage level, serving as an apron; the audience level for additional seating; or lowered to accomodate an orchestra. Consult with Theatre Operations staff for the option that best suits your event needs.

Technical Documents            Reynolds Industries Theater Venue Rider

Dressing Rooms  Dressing rooms are located off-stage right on the first and third floors.  Dressing Rooms are fully accessible and can be reached from stage level via stairs or elevator. 

Dressing rooms include three chorus rooms and four smaller dressing rooms, all with showers, restroom facilities, and wardrobe racks. In addition, there is a makeup ready room (with no shower) on the third floor.

Dressing rooms will be assigned by Theatre Operations staff based on event needs.

Accessibility  The venue is steeply raked and theater seating is accessible only by stairs in all but Row V of the venue.

Designated accessible seating for wheelchairs is located the rear of the auditorium. In addition, there are select aisle seats throughout the auditorium with one adjustable armrest.

This facility is fully accessible, including the dressing rooms, backstage areas, the lobby, and the restrooms.

If you anticipate needing further accomodations, please consult with Ticketing and Theatre Operations staff in advance of your event.

Parking is available in the Bryan Center Parking Garage IV and in the upper level ground metered lot, at an hourly rate.

Parking arrangements for your event can be made with consultation with Duke Parking Services.
It is advisable to discuss parking for both your ensemble or performers in addition to your audience.

Event parking can be arranged in advance for a flat fee of $5 per vehicle with at least three weeks notice.

Scheduling Theater venues are scheduled by the Duke University Box Office. Scheduling priority is given to University departments and programming, classes, and student organizations. Student groups are scheduled through an application process each March through DukeGroups.

Scheduling is opened to the general public to request dates in April for Fall dates, and in October for spring dates.

Reservations 919-660-1701

Ticketing 919-684-4444



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