American Dance Festival
5 by 5


5 by 5

Tuesday, June 28 , 8:00pm
Wednesday, June 29, 8:00pm
Thursday, June 30, 8:00pm
R. J. Reynolds Industries Theater
Reserved Seating

Solos, duets, quartets, and more choreographed by five of the dance world’s most electrifying artists! Mark Dendy will perform an excerpt from Dystopian Distractions! (2014). In an army uniform and a gas mask, Dendy sits on a stool gesturing to the sound of Donald Rumsfeld being interviewed. His animations transform the interview into a significant piece of performance art. Dafi Altabeb deals with life choices. What do we really choose in our lives, and what are mere products of a familiar routine? How many times have you asked yourself whether the person you live with is somebody you have chosen or somebody you have grown accustomed to? Questions of this nature are closely examined in her Never The Less (2012). Gabrielle Revlock’s Halo (2012) is an intimate and sensual solo that makes manifest the fields of energy around the dancing body through the use of a simple hula-hoop. At times the dancer seems to disappear and only the hoop is visible. At other points, the audience may forget about the hoop and only see a fragile gyrating body. Brian BrooksTorrent (2014) fluctuates between orderly patterns and unrestrained turbulence. Torrent sends the company of eight dancers soaring to Max Richter’s revelatory score. Rosie Herrera completes this program with the ADF commissioned world premiere of Carne Viva, a quartet exploring what it means to believe in magic and how that bleeds in to our constructions of spirituality and our understanding of romance.

*Audience Sensitivity Advisory: a portion of this performance contains theatrical haze. The first performance of the program contains partial nudity.