Accessibility for Duke Events

Accessible information for our major venues:




Baldwin Auditorium consists of two seating areas: Orchestra seating & Balcony seating. There is one elevator between the two levels, located on the house right side of the building and providing access to the accessible seats in the house right Upper Box, as well as bathrooms on the bottom floor. The Balcony can also be accessed by flights of stairs on house right and left, and some rows inside require additional stairs. The Orchestra level does not require any stair use for entry, and there are no additional stairs inside the Orchestra seating area. There are seats that can be removed and adjusted to accommodate guests using wheelchairs located at the aisle ends of Row A in the house right (100) and left (300) seating sections, and Row P in the center (200) seating section.

The Box Office in Baldwin Auditorium is located in the lobby near the main entrance. If you have purchased accessible seats and your tickets are being held at will call, you may want to use the accessible ramp entrance, located on the east side of the building.

A restroom equipped with accessible features is located on the lobby level of the theater, on the house left side of the building. The men's and women's bathrooms on the bottom floor also feature accessible stalls, and can be reached via the elevator on the house right side of the building.

There are no handrails on the front entrance to Baldwin Auditorium. The side entrances to the building do have handrails.


The instructions above relate primarily to online ordering. Tickets in accessible seating areas can also be purchased by phone or in person at the Duke University Box Office.

RESERVED SEATING: On our seating chart, wheelchair-accessible, removable seats are designated by yellow dots, while fixed seats reserved for accessible and companion seating are designated by purple dots. Please select the price type that best fits your needs so that we may adequately prepare for your visit. For each guest requiring accessible seats, up to three (3) adjacent seats can be purchased for companions, depending on availability.

GENERAL SEATING: Please select the price types that best fit your needs when ordering your tickets so that we may adequately prepare for your visit.


Accessible parking is available in the Bishop / Brown lots, located at the intersection of North Buchanan Boulevard and Dacian Avenue, with accessible pickup an dropoff available in Baldwin Loop off of Markham Avenue. A special event parking fee of $5 will be charged by Duke Parking Attendants. Please ask the parking attendant to direct you to the closest open accessible parking spot.

Once you are parked, there is an accessible ramp into Baldwin Auditorium located on the east side of the building. Click here for a detailed map of accessible parking.